Saturday, August 4, 2012

Time Reversing Skin Care

While most women are mentally prepared for the more common changes that menopause brings, they often discount the complexity and breadth of the changes that begin to show up as the change of life sets in. One of these is skin changes. Menopause changes the nature of your skin in several ways – it becomes less elastic, dry, and looks saggy and wrinkled. Regular skin products are not designed for the thinner and more delicate skin condition that post menopausal women experience, and hence can end up causing more irritation and sensitivity.

Oriflame’s Time Reversing range of products are specifically designed for special skin needs such as this. One of the globally acclaimed product from this range is the Time Reversing InTense Every Day Perfector Cream. A moisturising, re-densifying and pro-strengthening day cream that combats post-menopausal skin fragility, with ß-Prostimuline™ Complex and astaxanthin, specifically designed for mature skin, Time Reversing InTense Every Day Perfector Cream comes with SPF 12 sun protection too.

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